This corporate office of a real estate developer, whose faceted envelope plays with solid and perforated expanses, was a late addition to the terrace of the building. The main challenge was to achieve the architect’s directive for an even, back-lit glow behind the jaali-like surfaces, without disturbing hotspots that would betray the source of light. Additionally, ensuring accessibility and ease of maintenance was paramount. While the planter lights (which were inherited with the site) were angled for better general illumination, the back-lighting of the latticed faces was achieved successfully through a hands-on, Iterative process. The identity of an unusual form has thus been intensified with the use of lighting. visual prominence on the urban skyline, a well-resolved lighting strategy became imperative. To this end, we illuminated the vertical features of the building from the bottom, but not all the way to the top, to create an appearance of a levitating structure tethered at the base. The box-like forms crowning it are illuminated in a soothing, glare-free manner, delineating the form. In the congregational area, with its elevated sit-out and mushroom-like canopies, upward-facing fixtures installed below the umbrellas cast a soft, pleasant light, as do the customised, downward-facing streets lights. The elevated portions are outlined in light, to carry forward the floating effect seen in the larger structure.