Shridhar Corporate House

This is one of the first projects we designed, and certainly one that got us most noticed. The prime location of the corporate headquarters of one of Ahmedabad’s leading real estate names was an advantage to be capitalised upon through design. This was also the first time we worked on classical architecture with its typical elements— fluted columns, decorative capitals, the ornamented pediment… We approached the project with a two-layered, independently-activated lighting strategy — the columns were highlighted with the less warm 3000K light, while the rest in the warmer 2200K. This endowed certain flexibility into the scheme, allowing the users to highlight all or some elements, as desired. We also actively ensured — as we do in all our projects — that the lighting fixtures did not violate the facade in any way, by day or night. To this end, the fixtures were screened from view, in addition to being painted in the same colours as the facade, after being precisely colour-matched using the RAL system. The result is a landmark structure, whose classical beauty is celebrated by a sensitive lighting strategy.