Radhe Upwan

This resort promises a quick tropical getaway to the residents of Ahmedabad and nearby cities.  The scope of work included lighting the newly refurbished facade, reception block and restaurant, and the landscape, totalling to about 50,000 sft. The brief from the designer and the owner specified restrained refinement; a sense of gentle grandeur. The strategy was to celebrate the beauty of the structural elements. The slenderness of the upright members of the entrance court, for instance, is emphasised with ‘snooted’ fixtures installed near their tops. At the edge of the pitched roof, gentle illumination from coves draws attention to the warm wooden roof. This strategy continues inside, with lighting directing the focus on different architectural elements, including the compound wall with a glowing barcode-like design. Decorative elements are either designer creations or bespoke renditions, united in their gentle, sensuous forms. The chandelier in the reception block has been sourced internationally, with the configuration decided in-house. Surrounding the waterbody are planter-fixtures, customised in Bali under Zion Dzine’s direction and supervision. Overall, the mood is mellow and intimate to suit the laid-back charm of the space.