Jimmy’s Outhouse

This multi-purpose congregational space on a villa property is a small, but impactful project demonstrating the value that lighting can add to a space, irrespective of its size. We highlighted the slender, plus-profile structural columns with fixtures installed at their bottom, within the slab itself and in the angles of the cross. For the ceiling, we avoided visually intrusive elements that would ‘eat’ into the height and opted for fixtures flushed with the surface in various sizes for more dynamism. Decorative lighting was kept to a minimum. All these layers are independently activated. Under-lighting the steps and the platform on which the room stands, creates a levitating feel, while lighting the vegetation that stands by the brick compound wall renders a dramatic play of shadow and light. With the right strategy, this glass cube of a room is chameleon-like, now mellow and moody, now bright and peppy.