About Us

There are myriad facets to design. Scale, proportion, colour, textures, materials… We specialise in lighting. To us, lighting isn’t something that is overlaid on a design, but something woven into its very fabric. It is a facet of design that is intangible yet crucial, capable of adding another dimension to a spatial experience when done rightly.

Zion Dzine’s journey began in 2015 when Pranav Patel, armed with a master’s degree in marketing and hailing from a family engaged in electrical and lighting trade, felt the tug of the creative. The fascination he felt for architectural and interior lighting was strong enough to make him step out of his comfort zone and venture into unknown territory. The beginning was humble, and the growth organic. Along the way, Patel honed, what was now quite obviously, a natural calling with informal yet enlightening sessions with design experts and subsequently, a short course at Institute of Lighting Design, Prague. He is currently an Associate with the International Association of Lighting Designers.

From its small beginnings, today we have burgeoned into a thriving practice with a dynamic, multi-faceted and cross-disciplinary team housed under one roof, with a passion for lighting hardcoded in our very DNA. Our team includes a lighting designer, an architect, interior designers, a 3D visualiser and engineers — experts who understand the nuances of spatial design, and thus ensure that collaborations and communications with architects and interior designers are seamless, smooth and fruitful.

Because we view lighting as an inextricable part of a built-expression, our philosophy centres around furthering the vision of a designer. The constant endeavour is to present design possibilities that are unique and, more importantly, appropriate to the context of the project. The passion we feel for our craft is backed by a rigorous seven-step process that presents solutions only after an in-depth study of design proposals. Architectural and interior design layouts are imbibed and assimilated by understanding their spatial characteristics and nuances, including micro-elements such as colours, finishes and textures, before presenting both technical and decorative lighting plans. This often includes bespoke lighting — high on our list of deliverables — wherein we look beyond the obvious for responses to site contexts. Our continual pursuit of advances in technology, applications and aesthetics of lighting is fuelled by the desire to present solutions that are optimised for performance, energy-efficiency and returns on investment.

Our belief in lighting and the value that it can bring to a space reflects in the diversity of our portfolio, which straddles a variety of scales, typologies and scopes. Along our professional journey, we’ve been fortunate enough to work on apartments, villas, resorts, restaurants, commercial complexes and residential schemes. However, the attention to detail and the seriousness with which we take our work remains unchanged, whether is a 3,000 sq ft apartment or a 10,00,000 sq ft landscape; whether it is small congregational space on the grounds of a villa or the facade of a prominent commercial building.

Light is a powerful design tool. It can change the perception of space, and add wonderful depth to spatial articulation. It can enhance features, and draw attention to design strengths. Here’s to ‘light it right’!